I Never Lose. I Win Or I Learn.

Ha! Take that bacterial lung infection! You knocked me down. Wayyyyyy down…but I will get back up! Wait what’s that you say? Cold following pneumonia? Oh you want some of this as well? Well yeah ok… there’s not much left to give but I guess you can knock me down as well… I mean I wasn’t that far up anyways! What’s another set back… right? I AM A CHAMPION!!!! Oh hang on… who’s here now? Oh its you stomach flu? What are you doing here? I don’t think I need anything from you. Oh? I need to be sick again? This time with awesome bodily fluids that are not limited to my internal body cavity but fluids that want to come out of it? Oh… well I guess that would be ok. I mean how bad can it really be? I mean really.

So yeah… I guess it’s going to be that way. In the last month, I have dealt with pneumonia, followed by a pretty bad cold and just in the last few days a bad stomach flu. So you know what they say! If life gives you a kick in the nuts: it really freaking hurts. Wait what? That’s not what they say?? Hmmm… In any event I think its safe to say that I will have to be ready to put some very smart/careful work back to my fitness level.

As the sun starts to warm up the track and the waters I am conflicted by many feelings: how do I regain what has been lost? How do go about it? My goals for the year need some serious readjustments: am I ready for this? And the hardest one of all… why me? Why now? Maybe if you’re ok with this as I travel and answer these feelings and questions I can take you along with me? See if we can all understand why these things happen… to all of us!

Let me end with a very important quote that has gotten me out of many bad situations in the past. Very appropriate I think.



Talk to you guys in a bit.

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