This is how this s%#* works!

Over the last 18 months we have grown a lot! New faces, new challenges, new locations and new business approach!

As some of you will have already noticed things have changed at S3 this year. Why the changes you ask? Well I am so glad you asked! Let me tell you.

When I got into this gig 7 years ago I did it because I was a good at being a coach. When I started all I had with me were my trusty notepad and some ideas about how to motivate and coach you crazy people…but unlike other professions being a coach does not come with a manual. What is now very apparent to me now is that it’s a lot more complicated than just being a “coach”. Accounting, marketing, human resources, web stuff, software stuff, clothes designer, cheerleader, councilor, problem solver and a million other things! Oh I have amazing help; Todd, Carol, Ben and Jenny have major roles in all of this and no way any of what we do happens without them. But as you all know I am a professional and as a professional I will take credit for all the good stuff they do! I am joking here but rest assured that I am involved (they will attest to this…) in any decision made in regards to S3. The positives we all share! But the negatives of this business fall on my shoulders alone. I carry the weight of our success (with great help!) and this is why we have made some much-needed changes this year. You will notice the following: ​

  • Saturday Spin is only one hour: you will receive one hour of unfiltered coaching from me. We will spin together for 60 minutes. Hard. Efficiently and with a nice dosage of coaching for you bike training. (Following the hour session you will have access to the virtual trainers for individualized cycling)

  • We’ve changed our swim time from Monday to Friday. More rest, longer time in the pool and better-individualized programming. (Once we know what your goals are you will receive a personalized program)

  • We have re-introduced the coaching meetings in our systems. Now you will have access to your coach once a month. No ifs or buts about it.

  • A more individualized approach to our strength routines. You have your program designed to work on your deficiencies.

  • Easier registration process

  • Charles will be launching office hours (coming soon) to help with scheduling your meetings (you will have access to my schedule)

And I think the biggest change you will notice will be the presence of your coach during training sessions. I make a promise to all of you that when you see me, it will be as your coach not a “fellow participant”. One of the biggest mistakes I made in the last few years was to train along side you guys…I am a coach. Your coach, you can count on me to be there when you need me to be. I am here for all your training needs. Beside you at the finish line and during your gruelling long runs or during that last long ride.

That’s how this s%^& works people! Chat soon and see you in class!

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