Taper Time!

It’s been a long 13 months. I’ve completed 4 training camps, 3 Half Ironman’s, a Marathon, and oh, a little thing called the Rim2Rim2Rim. There’s been some high’s, (a couple PBs, awesome camps, and feeling stronger) and a few lows (exhaustion after the Grand Canyon, my running sucked for a couple months after, and at times I had low to no motivation). Thankfully that is all in the past and here we are, 4 days out from Ironman Arizona. Things have finally come together and I’m feeling strong and ready to go. Last long swim, bike and run have been done. It’s taper time, a time to rest, eat well, make a race plan and think. The rest, eating well and making a race plan are easy. I’ve been going to bed earlier that normal, sleeping in when I can and napping. I’m eating well, lots of salads, good protein, next to no sugar, and trying to hydrate. My race plan is done, had a meeting with my coach, discussed nutrition and pacing. My nutrition for race day is already organized into zip lock bags. The thinking part, now that can be dangerous. It can also be empowering. Overthinking, and questioning my training does not help. Being positive, trusting my coach, visualizing that finish line, those are the things I need to be focusing on. One thing I’ve really been thinking a lot of lately is how fast I can get this thing done. There are a lot of fast women in my age category and on Sunday I will find out how I stack up against them. Can I be top 15? Top 10? My thoughts are very different then they were in 2012 when I did my first Ironman. Back then it was all about enjoying the day, and soaking it all in. Not anymore. Now I have different goals. It’s going to be uncomfortable, no, actually it’s going to hurt and I’m good with that. I’m looking forward to it, pushing myself to find out just how far I’ve come. I’m starting to get itchy. I didn’t do anything on Monday! I slept in, did laundry, and started to pack. Tuesday was a short spin, and today was a stretch, wait, what? Hmmm, tomorrow is a super easy swim and it's travel day, Friday nothing and Saturday is a short swim. Wow, that adds up to about maybe 3 easy hours? That’s a far cry from my peak of about 18-20 hours/week. Yup, I’ll definitly be ready for that gun to go off. As some of you know I love race day, I mean, I LOVE race day. It’s my Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. You never know what the day will throw at you, wind, rain, heat, stomach issues, being swum over, machanical issues on the bike, they can all happen. It’s not just the distance but all the things that can happen during the day that make Ironman Ironman. It’s part of the challenge, it’s one of the reasons why I do this.

Ok, now I’m really getting antsy, let’s get this party started!

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