Stay Fresh And Fruity Over The Holidays

What a great fall season it has been in the pool! As a coach, it’s been great to see our athletes taking this time to work a bit more on their swimming and get some consistent sessions in over the fall months. It was an interested early season this year due to a number of athletes competing in Ironman Arizona in November. This created lots of variance among the lanes, as some of the squad was working on technique and base aerobic fitness while others were hitting peak race pace intervals and keeping the volume high for the final push towards Ironman. We were so proud to see all 9 Solo athletes exit the water with smiles on their faces.

For others, there was a renewed approach to establishing and honing that key pace in swimming that allows for maximum improvement. The focus and determination paid off, as swim volumes increased steadily and pace times came down nicely. Great work everyone!

The holiday break is a great time to look back on the fall season, celebrate what you’re accomplished and fit your training into a more relaxed schedule. The great thing about a swim is it can fit quite easily into your holiday schedule, and sessions you do own your own during this time can be fun and relaxing. We encourage you to get 1-3 swim sessions in on your own during the holidays for a few reasons:

1. The routine of swimming weekly is a key one for keeping muscle memory intact. Your body will remember and retain all the small technique improvements you’ve made during the fall months if you continue to swim once per week or more.

2. A continued focus on breathing in swimming will be relaxing and a great stress reliever during the hustle and bustle of the season.

3. It’s a workout that can be done easily around holiday schedules; pools are open early so you can be finished early and home to relax by the fire with family or with a movie.

4. You can combine a workout with a trip to the pool with the whole family; while they splash, you can swim!

We put a few fun and varied (by now you know them as Fresh and Fruity) workouts to keep you going over the winter break. Click here for Fresh and Fruity Short Intervals, Fresh and Fruity Pacing, and Fresh and Fruity Technique. We are back in the pool on January 7 for the 6am morning swim and January 8 for the Friday 5:45pm swim, so until then we hope you enjoy these! Happy holidays to everyone, and thank you for an amazing fall season.

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