Hey You, Yeah You!

Hey you! Yeah you! Do me a favour and for at least once in the next few weeks ignore your coach and what he gives you as a workout! Yes you are reading this correctly…

Ok here is the deal; I know what I am doing. I am pretty good at my job. I have years of successful finishes and goal achievements by many wonderful athletes, some of you right now reading this are probably thinking I met my goals because I listened to my coach! Well guess what?! I don’t have all the answers and sometimes I am wrong (ok officially this hasn’t happen yet but… here’s hoping!!) Here is where this is going, yesterday during my SLR after the snow cut my bare shins for the 89th time it occurred to me…getting bloodied, muddied and having some fun is so important!

At this time of year as we get ready for the race season we are so focused on metrics and performance that we tend to forget the smiles and the fun of it all! Running down hill at a sub 4 min km pace on ice, mud and 5 feet of snow and then breaking through this snow and coming to a very fast halt made me realize that its ok to break free from the “routine”. (It also made me realize that if you yell out f%^$ this hurts like a S&^$ as loud as you can in a valley that echo’s ...someone will hear you no matter how far in the back country you are)

So here is your assignment S3. Ignore me at least once in the next 10 days. And enjoy it. Program calls for a 5 km med SLR? Go for a swim! Saturday Spin calls for a ride of 90 % FTP? Go for a run around the block instead! It’s on you to have some fun and remember why we do what we do! We are so very lucky to do what we do! Let’s smile and laugh a little!

Small print Disclosure (this is not carte blanche to skip all your workouts! Just go out and have some fun people!! And remember if you ever need to make a change to your program just send me message! That’s why I am here!!)

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