Todd’s Speed Theory Retul Bike Fit:  1 month later

I wanted to give everyone an update on how I am doing 1 month after my Retul bike fit with Rory at SpeedTheory. After getting an initial fit done when I picked up my new bike, I was curious to see how a more comprehensive bike fit would improve both my comfort, but also my performance. Here’s what I learned during the process of working with Rory during the Retul fit:

1. A great bike fit is as much art as it is science. Rory has tons of experience knowing how to interpret the numbers with you and decide on the best fit not only for you

individually, but also depending on your race distance (i.e. a sprint triathlete vs.

Ironman, Grand Fondo, etc.)

2. Some things felt great right away and some were a big enough change that my body needed time to adapt. For example, Rory is big on keeping the hips quiet, especially for triathletes. We need to run on our legs afterwards, and keeping the hips quiet helps keep run muscles from getting tired. As well, it maximizes cycling efficiency. In order to achieve this, we had to add a shim to my left shoe. At first, this felt really weird and a bit uncomfortable. However, 1 month later and I can report that not only has my bike comfort and power increased, but my run has improved significantly. Double bonus!

3. I always thought that the purpose of a tri bike fit was to put me in the most aero

position possible in order to make me faster overall. Nope. In fact, the focus on the

bike was comfort and efficiency first, then optimize me (the rider) so I would perform at my best, regardless of aerodynamics. Since I am compete in Ironman Coeur d’Alene this year, Rory opened my hip angle (actually making me slightly less aerodynamic) in order to ensure that when I eat and drink, my body absorbs nutrients optimally during the 180km ride. Very cool.

Finally, a nice bonus of the process is that I have a document with my exact measurements so in the event I travel with my bike or add a new component I can ensure the identical setup every time. I cannot say enough about the value of the time and investment spent in the Retul bike fit process with Rory. I confident this will make me faster than a new aero helmet or other fancy gear. Rory’s spring deal on this fit ($175, normally $275) is on for a bit longer this spring, so take advantage of this while you can.

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