Unedited and straight out of my brain…

Hello S3, its been a very long time. In the spring I had aspirations of turning these small silly written things into a monthly video event. But for some reason the medium of video does not add more time to the day… or free up more spare time in my schedule. So for the immediate future I think you will see lots of video clips on our social media and when it is possible for me to write to you… I will! On that note please check out our Instagram account. I still don’t know what Instagram is or what it does… but a lot of pictures and fun stuff is available to you! And I can hashtag (#) you! In my day that symbol used to be known as the pound key. Now you “hashtag” with it. Whatever that is… just search for Solo Sport Systems.

Where to begin… oh yes! Dr. Steve, first of all you must know that any slow down in the information about the condition of Steve has been due to the importance of his rest and recovery. Since we’ve unfortunately had recent experiences with this situation we learned that sometimes even if we all mean well… it can be overwhelming to have messages and visitors asking the same questions. That being said Steve is now at home and I know he would love to hear from all of you.

Steve’s accident definitely has affected many of us, including myself. My struggles to come to terms with this situation have affected my effectiveness as a coach and in the last month I have not been at my best. My correspondence is down, programs lagging behind… and my enthusiasm for my work in general has been in the dumps.

I can’t explain why, but I know that some way some how I will have to come out stronger and better on the other side. Wherever that side is. Steve; like all of you means the world to me and to Solo. There is no Solo Sport Systems without all of you. My heart and soul is in this… maybe part of my soul was left out somewhere on that road… it’s my job to go and find it. Wherever that is… To be an S3 athlete you must now realize that we are not your typical “coaching-training” group. It is my desire to keep building and forging forward with the same care and approach I always have. I just have to reignite this desire… wherever such desire can be ignited again. Steve we all love you and when you are ready to get back at it… we will all be waiting for you.

Ok enough of this… I am at a gate in some airport… going wherever this airplane is going. I wonder what I will find wherever that is.

See you all on the other side.


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