This cold front we are finding ourselves into right now is a good time in my opinion to discuss self motivation when it comes to your training. No matter what you are training for, maybe an olympic triathlon? A marathon? An ultra marathon? These cold dark times are the perfect time to dig deep inside your motivational bag of tricks and get after your training like a beast!

But what if your bag is empty? What if the most inspirational poster with the most determined kitty on it is not enough to get you out there… not even the 17th repeat of your favourite Neil Diamond song ringing in your earphones can make you go any harder… here’s something for you to think about: Progression. Its that simple. You want to be motivated? You want to be faster? Stronger? Healthier? Stick to it! Progression is the only motivation you should need in these miserable, cold days. Nothing like seeing your split times in the pool drop every week…or your FTP numbers climbing or even realizing that your run heart rate is dropping while your pace is getting faster. Those are all signs of a good progression and should motivate you to want more!

Even better than measurable metrics, progression can also lead to better sleep, better nutrition and greater strength. It is way too early in the season for any of us to physically peak and or think that we can be at our best… use small progression goals to keep you motivated and focused on what really matters: Race day.

A 160 km run can be very intimidating, but if you start your training progression now there is nothing to stop you achieving your goal. Trying to cut 60 minutes off an ironman time can be very daunting, but by allowing your training to progress to new levels it can be done!

Progression is key!

See you soon.

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