Blahghrrghght!!!!!! I repeat and please read carefully this time. Blahghrrghght!!!

Its that time of year again… as a coach I have the opportunity to notice certain patterns and every year around this time Blahghrrghght is an event that you cannot ignore. Let’s look at this together shall we?

In the last 2 months we’ve gone from what seems like 3 hours of sunlight in a day,

-35 cold miserable days, the holidays! (turkey and cake anyone?), snow days on top of snow days, +10 amazing days, complete meltdown of snow banks 4 feet high, icy roads, the days getting longer, and more snow! More cold, +17 degrees forecasted early next week… cold virus? Flu bug? Dry skin? Stress? Blahghrrghght!! Right???? See what I mean? On top of that here I am asking more and more out of the training time you have. It’s not easy to watch as most of you are struggling with sickness/stress and the winter blues. But I must ask all of you to dig, find the spark and let it burn bright. Now is the time to visualize and plan for your amazing race season! If you do need to take a day off, do so with the intentions of having a plan in place, check in with me, rest and lets figure out how to move forward!

Also with the long weekend coming up, please note that there will be no group sessions. A perfect time to get away from the grind of training and spend some time resting and recharging the batteries. You have one more week to focus and then 3 days off! Now… lets move on from the Blahghrrghght! Shall we?

Spring is just around the corner. Speaking of corner can anyone help with pushing my car out of the snow bank over in that corner? Blahghrrghght!!!!!!!

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