The Cape of Wrath: 400km in 8 Days

In May 2018 I will be taking part in the longest running race I've ever entered and for the first time in my life I'm turning up thinking competitive thoughts. I'm 41 years old and in the last 18 months I've gone from being the kind of person that turns up to see if he can finish a race to the kind of runner that will be fighting for a spot in the top 10. It's taken me into new goal setting territory. I'm not just racing myself, instead I'm racing others and setting out to beat as many of them as possible.

The race is the Cape Wrath Ultra. 400km in 8 days in the north of Scotland with over 11000m ascent and 20% of it without any kind of path!

As part of my commitment to the race I want to get my goals out there. They are:

- To be racing, not just surviving, from day 1

- Overall position in the top 10 (226 entrants)

- Finish at least one stage in the top 3

Huge thanks to Charles, because I wouldn't have achieved this level of fitness and positive attitude without his support.


PS. I was going to say overall top 5, but I chickened out....... More visualization required :)

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